The Shizz Pre-Training, Workout and Gym Supplement

The Shizz Pre-Training, Workout and Gym Supplement

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What is The Shizz?

The Shizz is the elite compound for true mind-muscle connection. A pre-training supplement for all disciplines of sport. Whether you are swimming, running, cycling or weight training, The Shizz will take you to surprising new levels of performance. This amazing product includes optimum supplement quantities to elevate performance without any ‘freak out’ effects, trembling or racing heart rate. It also helps with fat loss, rather than weight loss.

The Shizz gives you a nice pump, elevates energy, improves focus and increases lung function, allowing every breath you take to work better and, as a result, speeding up your recovery in between sets. Normally, you start ’round two’ after you’ve got your breath back – and with The Shizz, you get your breath back a lot quicker.

When you push hard at any exercise, what gives up first? Your mind! You tell yourself your body is failing, then you do exactly that – fail! The Shizz gets you to focus on your exercise, and not on whether your body is failing.

Lets sum it up - The Shizz is:

  • - A vaso-dilator to deliver an insane pump.
  • - A fat burner.
  • - A focus enhancer.
  • - A strength, energy and endurance booster.
  • - An ATP recovery assistant.
  • - Joint friendly.
  • - Diabetic friendly.
  • - Loaded with a lactic acid control system
  • - Full of BCAA's
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